Student Testimonials

“Thank you so much for a great summer. I greatly treasure the amazing training I received while at EB-SI.”
Gabriel Davidsson – Kirov Academy of Ballet

“I’ve walked away with more knowledge in a few weeks than I can say I’ve had in a year’s time of training.”
Briana DeFalco

“The EBSI has made me feel stronger and more capable to work toward my challenges. I am thankful that I had the chance to study with Edward Ellison and learn from his great expertise.”
Erika Black

“Thank you, Mr. Ellison. You are truly an exceptional person and your teaching is really inspirational.”
Eoin Gaj, ABT Studio Company

“I found this intensive to be very POSITIVE! I definitely learned more in these past two weeks than I did in the entire six-week intensive at another major New York City ballet school.”
Jessica Black

“I feel this was the best program I have gone to yet and received the most corrections, improvement — and joy.”
Anna Kudla


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